Kohler Memoirs Toilet Review – AquaPiston Flush Technology

Reviewing the Kohler Memoirs Series of Toilets

Sometimes if you have too many choices when shopping for an item it’s not always a good thing. That certainly can be the case when shopping for a new toilet. You definitely can get information overload with all the different models that are available. We are here to help you get the information you need on the Kohler Memoirs toilet line without having to go through a lot of trouble to do it. Our informational Kohler Memoirs toilet review gets right to the point by giving you only the important information you need about this innovative toilet line.

Although these toilets would be considered a basic toilet model they are definitely at the upper end of that category. They have some advanced design features that set them apart from other standard toilet models. These toilets are perfect for a buyer that wants a better than average toilet without that purchase breaking the bank.

Most Popular Kohler Memoirs Models

Here are the best-selling toilet models in the Kohler memoirs toilet series:

  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • KOHLER K-3817-0 Memoirs Two-Piece Elongated 1.28 gpf Toilet
  • PRICE $$$
  • Water Consumption : 1.28 GPF
  • Product Dimensions : 35.8 x 26.4 x 23.2 inches
  • Shape : Elongated
  • Flush Type : Gravity Flush Toilets
  • Certification : WaterSense
  • 3.7 Customer Rating
  • KOHLER K-3819-0 Memoirs Two-Piece Elongated 1.6 gpf Toilet
  • PRICE $$$
  • Water Consumption : 1.6 GPF
  • Product Dimensions : 31 x 28 x 17 inches
  • Shape : Elongated
  • Flush Type : Class Five flushing
  • Certification : Not Applicable

KOHLER K-3817-0 Memoirs Two-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet

This line of toilets has a very versatile design. They go well in either a classic style bathroom setting or a more modern style one. This is a water saving toilet that even a taller person can sit comfortably on.

KOHLER K-3819-0 Memoirs Two-Piece Elongated 1.6 GPF Toilet

This model is exactly the same toilet as the one described above in most ways. The only thing different about this model is that its flush is much less efficient than the model listed under item #1. This toilet consumes more water at 1.6 gallons per flush.

Kohler Memoirs Toilet Series Key Features

Here is some insight on the key areas of this toilet model:

  • Two-piece construction

    Two-piece toilets offer some big advantages. They are very easy to handle when installing and they also can easily be taken apart if they need to be repaired.

  • Comfortable seat height

    These toilets are considered to be what is known as comfort height toilets. They measure around 17” high once the seat is attached. That is very similar to the height found on any chair. Taller users tend to prefer comfort seat height toilets over shorter ones.

  • AquaPiston technology for flushing

    This is a flushing system that is unique to Kohler brand toilets. It uses less water per flush than most toilets do but does in a way that it still thoroughly cleans the toilet bowl.

  • Water saving technology

    All of the toilet models in this line qualify as a water saving toilets according to EPA standards. That is because none of them use more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

  • Choice of colors

    One of the best things about this toilet collection from Kohler is the tremendous amount of choices that you have in color. There are seven different colors in all. Some of the more popular colors available are almond, beige and white.

  • Durable construction

    Toilets made of vitreous china are known to last a long time and stay looking good. This material is also very smooth so it is relatively easy to clean and stain resistant.

  • Easy to find replacement parts

    One of the most common areas for a toilet to have mechanical problems is with the working parts in the toilet tank that control the flush. Many different Kohler models of toilets use the AquaPiston flushing system like this one. That means that you will have no problems finding replacement parts to make repairs if you need them.

  • Warranty

    The warranty that comes with this model toilet line is very basic, to say the least. There is only a one-year limited warranty attached to it. The warranty only covers material defects and poor workmanship.

What’s to Like And Not Like About the Kohler Memoirs Toilet Line?

Kohler Memoirs toilet reviewHere are the pros and cons of this line of toilets:


  • Water saving features
  • Easy to install
  • Well-designed flushing system
  • Simple styling
  • Large color selection
  • Comfortable elongated toilet shape
  • Chair-height seating


  • Two-piece toilets are harder to clean
  • No seat included with purchase
  • Very basic warranty
  • Maybe uncomfortable for children and shorter people to use


KOHLER K-3817-0 Memoirs Two-Piece Elongated 1.28 gpf Toilet
$$$1.28 GPF35.8 x 26.4 x 23.2 inchesElongatedGravity Flush ToiletsWaterSense
KOHLER K-3819-0 Memoirs Two-Piece Elongated 1.6 gpf Toilet
$$$1.6 GPF31 x 28 x 17 inchesElongatedClass Five flushingNot Applicable

Summing Up the Kohler Memoirs Series Toilets

Kohler memoirs series toilets are simple but impressive at the same time. They have a versatile design that will nicely fit in with a wide variety of bathroom styles. These toilets are very simple as far as installation goes too.

The best thing about these toilets is definitely the way they flush. They clean the bowl thoroughly each time and they also save a lot of water when doing it. The fact that few customers have major complaints about them is also a very good sign.

As we did our Kohler Memoirs toilet review we could not help but be impressed with them. They are definitely a toilet worth considering when looking to purchase a new one.

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